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This wiki gives you a glimpse on the first local congress(L-CONG 1.0)of AIESEC VIZAG.


The Local Congress was held on October 26th and 27th, in the serene and green surroundings of Sai Priya Resorts, Rushikonda. This venue, being distant from the bustling city of Visakhapatnam, symbolized the need to be distant from the bustling daily lives, and to invest the valuable two days to learn and take back something which would really create a transformational impact in any individual who attended it. 


ESSENCE OF TIME. The theme was devided into two parts. First "The Roots",' The Roots talks about the history of this organization, how it started, how it grew as an expansion and how it got the LC status after the MOP and how it grew after that also. Next was "Future and You". It was all about planning to for the end two months for each department.


The program started with an ice-breaking event, which really assisted the new members of the organizations to initiate aconstructive interaction, which should blossom with time. Soon this programme was followed by few minutes of Jiving, which rejuvenated everyone for the next upcoming programme, the SOLA – State of Local Affairs, in which the EB was expected to present the status of functioning of their 

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respective departments in Quarter 3, which ended in September, following which the LCP, Ashwin Shankar gave his inferences and feedback on the respective departments and gave guidelines for enhancing the operations for the final quarter of the year.'

The block was followed by a lunch break, after which we again jived – oh! One could never forget the jive after lunch. Soon after that, the main section of the Local Congress was inaugurated by welcoming the Chair of the Congress, Ms Anna Rego, who is an ex-LCP of AIESEC in Manipal University, the first University-based expansion under AIESEC in Bangalore which became a LC under her exemplary efforts blended with her intellect and commitment. She is also an ex-MC member of AIESEC India.'

The next session was on "History of AIESEC in Vizag” which was an immensely sensitive session, touching everyone’s souls when everyone witnessed how challenging the journey was ever since the organization was ever conceptualized, with our  LCP and Vipin Mehta, Exchange Director, Outgoing Exchange, 

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shared their experiences. It made everyone to realize their responsibilities towards this organization – the need to work towards the growth of a product which was the consequence of the un-matchable endeavor of a team, a substantial part of which exists as the alumni today, and which gives us a platform to revive our creativity and the mentality to create an impact.'

The night plenary that followed after that everyone administered some of the beautiful motions. Essentially, the session included an introduction to the esteemed Executive Body of AIESEC in Visakhapatnam, and the plenary continued after they took their respective seats. '

Soon after that, sumptuous dinner was served and then department time was provided. However, soon after that, everyone got ready for the attraction of the day, the Skolling night which the Member body represented by Pawan, Aditya, Richa and Anish won and then took place the amazing OC party, which continued to rock the plenary till late night'.


Next morning, after the breakfast session, Morning Plenary was conducted, in which the  Chair explained the need of an inspiration and the need to respect time. She shared some of her experiences of past, and her journey of developing AIESEC in Manipal University from an expansion to a LC – the journey was almost congruent with that of AIESEC in Visakhapatnam. 

After that, a synergy block was conducted, in which every department had to sit together in their respective departmental rooms, discuss their structure of fairing the fourth quarter of the year, establish the freshness of  motivation of their respective members and then plan a better  office departments. This particular section of the block established a new long-term opportunity for the respective departments to have an insight into the operations of each other’s departments for respecting the synergy. Based on the synergy meets, every department had to establish a commission output for Quarter 4 and present in the presence of everyone in a block known as “My Department, My Q4”

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And this session was followed by the closing plenary, which was one of the saddest part of the entire local congress because this marked the end of the immense fun and learning we had – however as nothing in this world is eternal, this could never be an exception to the rule. This session was started with some finally remaining motions and gossips, and soon it got transformed to a session which was witnessed by the delegates and the EB sharing their experience with the Local Congress. This was interwoven with Sugar Cubes, which had to be inserted into envelops bearing the name of the target person before leaving the plenary and the premise.

After the closing plenary, the moment for which everyone was anxious arrived – the declaration of the best 

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department in the Local Congress, and the honour was bagged jointly by OGCDP – Parindey and CIM – Zippers(Ouch!)

 With this, the Local Congress 1.0 of AIESEC in Visakhapatnam came to an end.The Local Congress remains indebted to the coordinated efforts of the LCP, The EB, The EBC and most importantly the OC, who took care of every aspect of the congress, from its organization till its commencement and further.

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Anna Rego


Prasanna Srivalli;

Sudhindra Garimella;

OC Members'''''

Manoj Vemuri; 

Abhishek Tatineni;

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Sravanthi Devulapalli;

Vamsi Mithun;


Krishna Karthik;

Rohit Yadav Badri; 

Avinash K;


Ram Venkatesh Chellikani

Dinesh Kesaboina


Prashanth Reddy Pallerla